Green Screen Studio

Becoming more and more popular are

Green Screen Photos!

and we make it possible to do at ANY event!


Green Screen Studios are named as such because we need a large green backdrop to make it work. Your guests (in small or large groups) take photos in front of the green backdrop. Your friendly attendant then changes the background to whatever you want and prints your photo.

Want to pose with basketball stars? Stand next to the Eiffel Tower? Hang out on the beach? It takes 5 seconds to put you there! Once you are happy with your photo it takes just 8 seconds to print. We are also more than happy to print several copies of each photo as requested. Your guests will have so much fun using the Green Screen Studio over and over and it will truly be a unique way to remember your event!

Green Screen photos are great for theme parties as well! Masquerade balls, Roaring 20's, Star Wars weddings- we have seen it all and have the matching backgrounds to prove it. We will bring several theme backgrounds to your event eliminating the need to make or buy expensive backdrops you may never use again.

Or are you having a corporate function and want to brand the photos? Thats easy to! Green Screen photos are the cheapest way to have guests take a photo in front of a step and repeat full of your logos -or simply add a small logo to the corner of each photo. Text can also be added to the photos just as easily.

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