About Myself

Hello! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Daniel Darling and I absolutely love offering such a fun service and getting to be a part of all these exciting events! This is MY company that I own and operate. I am not part of a large corporation in a different state, or that does 8 million other things and could care less about someone renting a PhotoBooth or FlipBook Studio. When you want to book with myself - you actually get to talk to myself! This ensures you will get exactly what you want and feel at ease with the company you chose. I want to make your life easier not harder! I strive to bring fun and excitement to each event. I do my best to get everyone involved and make it easy for all ages to join in on the fun. I provide only quality products, using the best paper, the best printers, the best of everything.

I am not limited to what you see available here, if there is something else you
would like to do, JUST ASK!

Contact us today to get started!
Daniel Darling