An Open Photo Studio is one of our most flexible services and can be changed into so many things!

Turn it into a red carpet area

Make it a photo keychain station

Put it in your expo booth and brand the photos for an advertisement people will WANT to keep


Some of our totally optional options:

Photo Album/Scrapbook

 Copies of each photo can be given to your guests to make a scrapbook page for you or just ask for a copy of each photo to be placed in a photo album for you to keep forever. Either way we will bring all the materials as well as a table and linen for this station


Photo size magnets are available to give to your guests to make it easy for them to put their pictures on display!


From simple to fancy we can bring whatever you are looking for to help your guests display their photos or simply keep them safe during the event


We can easily turn your photo into a 2.5 x 3.5 photo keychain. This is great for large corporate events and birthday parties


Adding your logo/text to each photo to 'brand' it or simply help your guests remember where they got their photo taken!

Background choices

We have several and our collection is always growing!


More information is available on our FAQ page

or just Ask Us!