What Is A FlipBook?

Flipbooks are credit card size books that have a series of pictures in them, so that when the book is “flipped” through, it is like watching a movie. The flipbooks from our studio however, will be starring YOUR guests!

Dress up! Dance around! Act silly! Your only job is to star in your very own video. We bring the props, backgrounds, and knowledgeful attendants to help you make your video easily. You can watch your video as its being made and then watch it replay as many times as you want on one of the many monitors that will be set up at your event. Then after just 90 seconds a 2nd attendant will have made your book for you. This very unique party favor lets you 'watch' your video over and over as many times as you want.

During your rental time, you and your guests can make as many videos and FlipBooks as you would like. On average we will make 40-50 FlipBooks per hour. We can make 1 copy of each or we can also make duplicates of any FlipBooks you just absolutely loved- and the price is the same.

The book covers will be customized for your event so your guests will always remember where they got such a unique favor!

For more information see our entire FlipBook section, our FAQ page, or ask us!