FlipBook Studio

If you thought PhotoBooths were fun....

Try our FlipBook Studio!

Wait- what is a FlipBook Studio?

Well let's start with what a FlipBook is. A FlipBook is a small credit card sized book that when you 'flip' through it, its like watching a movie. These have been around forever, and you probably have made your own version in a notepad at one time or another. What's new is how quickly we create professional looking FlipBooks wherever our studio is set up.

When we bring a FlipBook Studio to your event, the movie you watch in that book will be starring you! In less than 2 minutes we will record a video of you and your guests, break the video down into 60 still photos, cut the photos and bind them in your very own FlipBook. Then we do it over and over and over- you and your guests will get to make as many FlipBooks as you want during your rental time!

The FlipBook Studio is a large backdrop (so you can fit MANY people in each video) and a camera that records your video. You will be able to watch the whole thing right then and there on one of the many large monitors set up for your event. Our attendants will help you make your video and make your books so all you have to do is have fun!

As an extra- we include the use of green screen technology for every event. This means that when you go to record your video, you will get to choose a new background each and every time. We have hundreds of backgrounds to choose from and can also provide theme backgrounds when requested.

FlipBook covers are always created just for your event at no extra charge.

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